Watersoluble Hops CBD

Our very exclusive watersoluble CBD naturally extracted from Hops ‘Humulus Yunnanensis’

Bottle size

10ml, 5ml





Calming Energizing
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This product is special ! It is the unique non cannabis sourced CBD naturally extracted from the ‘Humulus Yunnanensis’ Hops. This watersoluble extract has a biodisponibility close to 100%, that convert his 2,15% CBD in a very effective product ! Full of Humulène and Béta Caryophilène, this hops extract is also rich in Xantohumol, a very interesting amino acid with anti inflamatory properties.  The rapid absorbtion in the blood stream for this product makes it a good complement to classic CBD oils.

We will give you the analysis of cannabinoids and toxicologic on simple demand.