Interested in a low THC strain full of flavors ? This is your one !

Produccion indoor

550g / m2


KC36 X.J.L.L

Nivel de cultivo


Tipo de planta

25% Indica / 75% Sativa

Floracion interior

60-75 days

Floracion exterior

Early October



Nivel de THC


CBD level


Calming Energizing
Low High
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Our Renaissance is a mostly Sativa hybrid developed from the renowned Juanita la Lagrimosa from Reggae Seeds and a mainly Indica KC36 male, thus bringing vigorous, resistant and productive plants.
Renaissance grows strong and vigorously, being suitable for any type of growing system and highly resistant to molds.
We recommends low doses of P and K, since Renaissance is a little bit sensitive to overfeeding.
We mainly find two phenotypes: 2/3 of the plants are more Sativa (and more productive), while 1/3 are mostly Indica plants which grow compact and bloom fast, with beautiful purple hues at the end of the flowering period.

Renaissance needs around 60-70 days to fully ripe, providing fruity, spicy and floral notes. The effect is stimulant, happy and uplifting.